Performance Data

EcoMESH Performance Data

Maximum Performance – Minimum Water Consumption

  • Water spray durations and frequencies are automatically adjusted by the controller in order to optimise the performance and minimise water consumption.
  • The higher the ambient temperature, the greater the frequency and duration of the spray to match the ambient conditions.
  • Once the lower ambient set point is reached the spray operation is automatically terminated.
  • Through intermittent spray operation and set point limits, water consumption can be minimised by as much as 75% in comparison to a comparable cooling tower, evaporative or any other adiabatic cooling unit.

Air-Cooled Chillers

  • Any make or model of air cooled chiller, whether a new unit or retrofit application can be converted to an EcoMESH wet system by means of either a factory add on or on site modification..

Air-Cooled Condensers

  • Air cooled condensers and Dry Coolers can be either horizontal, vertical “V” or “W” configuration and EcoMESH can be fitted in any type of orientation for a new unit or retrofit application.  Note: some condenser manufacturers are able to offer EcoMESH as a factory fitted option.
  • EcoMESH has been successfully installed to a large number of ammonia air cooled condensers achieving maintenance and legionella free operation.
  • Significant compressor improvements are achievable. To request a copy of the compressor efficiency improvements available to air cooled condensers click here.

Unitary Products

  • Unitary products such as Rooftop and Mini Split units rely on dry bulb only.
  • By simply fitting an EcoMESH kit to convert the dry bulb to a wet bulb ambient operation the condenser output of the unit can be increased by as much as 40%.
  • Multiple units can be controlled from a single controller for a cost effective and easy set-up site installation for both new and retro fit applications.

Dry Coolers

  • Any make or model of Dry Cooler, whether a new project or retrofit application, can be converted to a wet system by means of either factory add on or on site modification.

Air Inlet Cooling

  • For air inlet cooling systems EcoMESH is placed within the airstream.
  • This provides the benefits of a wet bulb temperature system providing a practical, cost effective and safe adiabatic air cooling system.